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“Quantum has provided tremendous services with its utmost unique platform for data aggregate provision combining data to a summarized format, which allowed us to built out our data analytics and tools to grasp complexity of innovation. The research driven data insight of intellectual property rights and fundamentals which Quantum provides has been accurately developed over the years and contributes to the uprise of technological innovation. Thank you Quantum.”
Daniela Herrmann, Founder & President, Topan AG

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We explore each technological element of a company’s intellectual property to form an individual knowledge profile. Combined with fundamental information we draw a precise picture and gain completely new insights into more than 700.000 companies worldwide. Our corporate IP analytics dataset is currently the only available source for IP/patent data rigorously matched with public and private companies worldwide and covers practically all IP generated since electronic recording (1974). A dedicated expert team verifies and validates all the records in our database to provide a maximum level of validity. Indicators from top universities (Harvard, University of California, University of Hong Kong) and renowned institutions (OECD, NBER) have been implemented to provide unparalleled IP analytics. Dedicated multivariate Long Short-Term Memory networks, or LSTMs, have been trained for every single company to estimate fair values for stocks based on comprehensive IP-relevant inputs and fundamental data on a one-month-ahead basis.

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Patent Filings

Realtime patent data tagged by topic and matched with our corporate dataset.

Our coverage includes patents from 1968 – present, we update our database in real-time and are one of the fastest patent data providers worldwide. Our data includes: title, applicant, inventor, representative, application and publication numbers, IPC, CPC, citations, simple family, extended family, abstract, representative drawing, drawings, full text image, full text character coded and legal status. We monitor the three main patent data streams (bibliographic, facsimile images and full text) at key stages in their life cycles to ensure that they are complete, consistent, accurate and up to date. Patent filings can be downloaded in PDF format.

patent filings

tagged topics

citations & references

Research Papers

The world’s largest collection of open access research papers.

We are one of the most comprehensive aggregator harvesting from institutional, subject and preprint repositories as well as gold and hybrid open access journals and provide a collection of 194,967,176 searchable research papers. The coverage is global, aggregating from 10,135 data providers, in 145 countries. Our data includes: authors, citations, contributors, publication date, title, description, full text, journals, publisher and downloadable PDF.

Research papers

data providers

countries covered

Corporate Data

Global coverage of companies, including ownership structures, updated daily.

Patent data, research papers, fundamentals and regulatory filings are associated to the companies in our data set. Coverage of ownership allows aggregated views on all Intellectual Property from any conglomerate. Companies covered are all companies with more than one patent filing – from start-up to large enterprise. Corporate actions like acquisitions, license and royalty agreements and IP transfers are tracked on a daily basis and the data set is updated accordingly. Our data includes environment, social and governance (ESG) ratings, charts, indicators & recommendations, IP rankings, knowledge profile and knowledge graph, competitor tracking, best-in-class analytics, over-time development and map view of knowledge, emerging IP on a specified time frame. Full company reports can be downloaded in PDF format.

private & public companies

stock listed companies


Fundamentals & Regulatory Filings

Internationally sourced global financials and regulatory filings. 

For fundamentals we support both US and non-US exchanges. Major US and non-US symbols supported from 2000, it’s more than 20+ years of the data. For minor companies, we have data for the last 10 years and the previous 20 quarters. We also retrieve data directly from regulatory bodies like the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) and other local government databases. Full financials can be downloaded directly in Microsoft Excel.

quarterly reports (US)


important announcements

balance sheets (international, Listed)

income statements (international, listed)

financials (private companies)

Stock Market Data

Worldwide data from 65 stock exchanges.

At the moment we cover more than 60+ supported exchanges all around the world. For almost all major exchanges we have end-of-day, technical, fundamental and splits/dividends data. For EOD data we cover all indices, US stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds (more than 45 000 in total) from the beginning, for example, we provide Ford Motors data from June 1972. Other stock exchanges are covered mostly from January 2000. We use 15+ providers for our data feeds to cover the maximum number of exchanges and provide reliable data. We are using several data providers to compare data against different sources.

financial data points

international tickers

years historical data