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Out now: Monthly Report 12/2020

Covered in this month’s issue: Fight against Covid: Pfizer, AstraZeneca & Regeneron Welcome to the second monthly edition of the Quantum Terminal newsletter, which focuses on corporate intellectual property (IP)[…]

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Out now: Monthly Report 11/2020

Covered in this month’s issue: Microsoft vs. IBM in the field of Artificial Intelligence We are excited to welcome you to the first edition of the Quantum Terminal newsletter, which[…]

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Can Your SME use Intellectual Property Assets for Financing?

In recent years, there is growing awareness that intellectual property (IP) assets can be monetized. There are various ways to do so. IP can be sold, licensed, used as collateral[…]

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The effect of patent acquisition on subsequent patenting activity

The importance of the patent market has increased in the high technology market due to open innovation and social efficiency. As most high-tech firms cannot rely on their own repository[…]

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Watch Out! Gain Valuable Insights by Monitoring Competitors’ Patent Activity

Competitive technology and industry sector intelligence are critical aspects of maintaining and increasing marketing share for a technology company. While present day technology market activities of competitors are relatively easy[…]

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Financing Alternatives for Companies

Using Intellectual Property as Collateral For many intellectual property (IP) centric companies suffering from cash flow constraints, traditional financing options may be unavailable or too expensive to pursue. Using IP[…]

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Final Report from the Expert Group on Intellectual Property Valuation

The European Commission  appointed a panel of European intellectual property (IP) valuation experts whose tasks included reviewing the valuation methods for IP and their use, identifying bottlenecks in these methods[…]

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A Predictive Model of Technology Transfer Using Patent Analysis

The rapid pace of technological advances creates many difficulties for R&D practitioners in analyzing emerging technologies. Patent information analysis is an effective tool in this situation. Conventional patent information analysis[…]

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What’s It Worth? Principles of Patent Valuation

Attorneys specializing in intellectual property (IP) law must occasionally counsel clients on how best to extract value from, or monetize, patents in their portfolio. This is an increasingly important consideration[…]

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