Out now: Monthly Report 11/2020

Out now: Monthly Report 11/2020

Covered in this month’s issue: Microsoft vs. IBM in the field of Artificial Intelligence

We are excited to welcome you to the first edition of the Quantum Terminal newsletter, which will be published monthly and focus on corporate intellectual property (IP)

The Quantum Terminal is an artificial intelligence-driven big data corporate IP analytics platform. We explore each element of a company’s IP to form an individual knowledge profile. Combined with fundamental data, we draw a precise picture and gain completely new insights into more than 700,000 companies worldwide based on more than 110 million patents, 250 million innovations, and 310 million references. Essentially, almost all innovations, patents and scholarly work ever created digitally. Indicators from top universities (such as Harvard, University of California, University of Hong Kong) and
renowned institutions (OECD, NBER) have been implemented to provide unparalleled IP analytics.

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