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We help people to discover company data in a new way, to gain new insights and to execute right decisions

With the Quantum Terminal we explore each technological element of a company’s intellectual property to form an individual knowledge profile. Combined with fundamental information we draw a precise picture and gain completely new insights into more than 700.000 companies worldwide.

Our corporate IP analytics dataset is currently the only available source for IP/patent data rigorously matched with public and private companies worldwide and covers practically all IP generated since electronic recording (1974). A dedicated expert team verifies and validates all the records in our database to provide a maximum level of validity. Indicators from top universities (Harvard, University of California, University of Hong Kong) and renowned institutions (OECD, NBER) have been implemented to provide unparalleled IP analytics. Dedicated multivariate Long Short-Term Memory networks, or LSTMs, have been trained for every single company to estimate fair values for stocks based on comprehensive IP-relevant inputs and fundamental data on a one-month-ahead basis.

The Quantum Terminal is a product of Quantum Enterprises LLC, based in Delaware, USA and with offices in London and Vienna. Quantum Enterprises was founded in 2020.