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Corporates & Consultants

We help corporates to track and beat their competition

Our Clients are using the Quantum Terminal to track competition on a knowledge level. They stay informed about every publication, which is referring to them, and can easily identify potential acquisition opportunities to strengthen their own profile.

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Corporate Features & Modules

The Quantum Terminal has been developed together with leading international corporations to provide companies with valuable insights.

Competitive Intelligence

Wouldn’t it be great to know your competitor’s next moves before they made them? The Quantum Terminal helps you plan and react early to threats from competitors. Analyzing patent activity can help you discover your competitors’ latest and most valuable technologies, new entrants to the market and hidden R&D opportunities with low competition.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With the Quantum Terminal, you can put monetary value on individual patents and portfolios held by target companies, giving you an upper hand in negotiations. You can also identify potentially high-risk areas and competitors or partners from seemingly unrelated sectors that otherwise wouldn’t show-up. Using the Quantum Terminal, you can assess the strength of a target vs the competition; portfolio value, innovation rate, geo presence and technology areas.

Business Risk Assessment

Quickly and easily access company data across combined datasets from both listed and privately held businesses to assess risk and potential opportunities. Set-up alerts triggered by the events that matter most—new competitor filings, new licensing deals, and litigation activity. Immediately investigate the extent and potential impact of an event—and determine how this changes patent value, competitor strength or market conditions.

Knowledge Universe

Our research driven Big-Data analytics approach allows us to build comprehensive knowledge graphs for companies of any size. From startup to large enterprises. These knowledge graphs represent detailed knowledge profiles and can be used to identify hidden players in the ecosystem, but also strength/weaknesses of potential buy- or sell-side targets.

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The Quantum Terminal brings together corporate data of more than 180M+ companies worldwide, Intellectual Property & patent data, powerful analytics and communication tools – in one integrated solution.

Companies use our terminal to mine global patent and innovation data for strategic business intelligence. These analytics can be used for competitor tracking, strategic planning and decision making. The Quantum Terminal gives business leaders and consultants – without prior IP experience – immediate access to untapped insights from patent & IP data so they can make better and faster decisions. An integrated collaboration functionality allows teams to seamlessly integrate the Quantum Terminal research process into the existing M&A advisory workflow.

IP Indicators and Company-Specific Data

At the heart of the Terminal is the assimilation of both proprietary and external research to create real-time indicators pertaining to IP and intangible assets. These indicators provide a critical framework for our smart beta and trade analyzer applications, in addition to the real-time alerts flagging stock price discrepancies vs. the IPI.


Measuring technological impact by capturing forward citations of AI-IP relative to industry peers.


Measuring past R&D performance as a predictor of successfully converting R&D expenses into sales revenues.


LSTM recurrent neural network models to predict fair market value based on IP and fundamentals.


Measuring R&D to IP generation efficacy: Patents/citations scaled by R&D expenditure a positive predictor of future returns.


Measuring IP strength by number of forward citations and other quality criteria.


Measuring corporate IP strength relative to its sector, industry and peers.

Trusted Data. Efficient Delivery

Our server-cluster infrastructure is located in Frankfurt Europe, New York USA, London UK and Singapore. We have industry-leading expertise in delivering physical and logistical security and data protection and provide real-time security infrastructure and network monitoring.


Identify Buy and Sell Side M&A Targets Based on IP Data and Artificial Intelligence

Traditionally, when Company X wants to expand in a particular technology area and wants to prepare a list of potential acquisition candidates, questions around how to identify targets or how to rank them arise. With our machine learning based approach, an M&A target list is created by analyzing the buyers’ technological scope by generating a competence cluster based on its intellectual property. Support vector machines are analyzing all patent filings and understand what areas the acquirer owns technologies in. For each area, the machine maps every patent of the acquirer with every patent of the potential targets and provides an overview of its relatedness and closeness.

Potential Acquisition Targets, Based on the Technological Closeness and Relatedness.

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