Quantum Terminal: Competitive Matrix

How could you use our powerful competitive matrix to understand the companies you work with?

Quantum Terminal:
Trade Analyzer

The Trade Analyzer is Quantum Terminals built in back testing system. You can upload your historical trades and see how they would have compared by using the Quantum Terminal instead.

Quantum Terminal: Quant Lab

With the Quantum Terminal Quant Lab users can back test historical trading strategies and see how much extra alpha would have been created by using Quantum Terminal’s proprietary indicators.

Quantum Terminal: Proprietary Indicators CII IPI

Quantum Terminal has developed its own proprietary indicators to evaluate companies. The CII is the “Current Impact Index” of a company in its industry. IPI is the “IP to market Indicator” and reflects the fair market value of a company on a monthly basis.

Quantum Terminal: Methods For Searching

Learn more about the different ways to the data you need within the Quantum Terminal, from pre-defined search terms to expert search.

Quantum Terminal: Interactive Patent Universe

What could you discover about the IP connections between you and your competition? How can you use this tool to understand market movements?

Quantum Terminal: Company Ownership Tree

Which companies do you need to quickly explore the company ownership structure and patenting actvity of?